Galaxy Express 999 is a classic that’s worth watching!

Every so often we all get that itch to watch old and cheesy style shows or even play older games; if not only just for the nostalgia factor. The same can be said about much older anime. Anime like Dallos, Space Pirate Captain Harlock or Galaxy Express 999. The art style is done by the very popular and widely known artist Leiji Matsumoto (Toei Animation does a marvelous adaptation to his older work such as Space Pirate Captain Harlock) and boy does his art work shine through. While yes it may have a rough outer shell, it is still a wonderful classic in either event. His art style is very noticeable through the use of tall and slender figures who look entirely fragile but hold great amounts of strength and determination within. 

Tetsuro and  Maetel

The story of Galaxy Express 999 follows Tetsuro as he journeys to avenge his mothers death by the hands of a machine man named Count Mecha; who happens to hunt human for sport. To achieve this goal he works towards earning a ticket to a space train to take him to the Andromeda galaxy wherein he will earn a robot body for himself and enact revenge for his lost family. It is within this journey towards Andromeda that we have a chance to see Tetsuro grow as a character throughout the movie; which by the way is a condensed version of the actual anime by the same name. The charm to this title is the actual experience we get to have with Tetsuro himself. His character is a varied mess of growth, learned lessons and personal struggles. His character is a character type that we really wish would pop up more in modern anime, but the character that is Testsuro will always remain a gem to this series; with his flawed knowledge and views on society. Modern titles have learned from the titles of yesteryear and have managed to fundamentally change these prominent figures into heroes and heroines of legend.  

So why should you watch an anime such as this one? Because it still holds firm on its thematic lessons learned and it’s pure enjoyment. While older titles such as Galaxy Express 999 can take a bit of getting used to, they can be some of the most profound anime viewing experience; we guarantee this! It is a story that holds up so well when compared to modern standards that we would be perplexed if this wasn’t a title that could still be enjoyed even when held up against the shiny and vibrant new title releases like ClassicaLoid or Girlish Number. If you would love to give this animated film a try, please do so! It is offered to you all free of charge and only costs you the snacks you are eating while enjoying this classic title.

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