Gamers Pissed About Upcoming BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle

blazblue cross tag battle
(Source: Arc Systems Entertainment)

Who doesn’t love a good fighting game? They get your blood pumping faster than a 2-year-old on Mountain Dew. Especially these anime-style fighters, with enough animation flashing across the screen in any given moment to give you a seizure.

And one of the most anticipated upcoming fighters? BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle.

BlazBlue offers just about every feature you’d expect from modern fighters. 2 vs 2 combat? Yep. Tag-in feature? Of course. Diverse cast of playable characters? You betcha.

In fact, Cross Tag Battle includes a huge roster of fighters – BlazBlue’s normal cast and a handful from Persona 4, Under Night In-Birth, and RWBY. Sounds like an interesting mix-up, right? Fans were really looking forward to this latest installment.

Who wouldn’t be with a badass trailer like this:

Then developer Arc System Works dropped a bomb. One that they probably didn’t think would cause a stir; but it did.

Of the 40 playable characters, only 20 would be available on release. The other 20 would be additional downloadable content (DLC). If you buy BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, you only get half of the entire game – you have to pay to play the other half.

Gamers are disappointed, and reasonably so. Arc has jumped on the DLC bandwagon to try and squeeze as many pennies out of their fans as humanly possible. They’ve followed the way of Blizzard with Diablo 3, Electronic Arts and Star Wars Battlefront, and Activision with Destiny.

Adding some DLC content to a game is cool, but chopping your game in half and selling it full-price is highway robbery. And then asking them to pay again for the other half? Fans aren’t having it.

Don’t you miss the days when buying a game was a straight forward transaction?

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle releases on May 31st in Japan and June 5th worldwide. I’m curious to see if Arc Systems makes any changes before then in response to backlash from their fans. Guess we’ll wait and see!

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