Gaming Fans Show Their SPIRIT For Charity Album

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(Source: Materia Collective)

When disaster strikes, fans come together and make amazing things happen. The sheer number of charity anthologies, albums and events is a testament to our creativity in times of need. And with the wave of devastation left by Hurricane Harvey, they’re back at it.

Filled with Determination

(Source: Steam)

Cover artists chose the tunes on this EP to create a sense of hope and community. Present on the album are selections from UNDERTALE, Pokémon, Final Fantasy VII, and Journey. And unlike many cover albums, each track makes use of a range of solo instrumentalists. Nearly 100 musical artists banded together to make the covers on this album. And some are from areas affected by recent hurricane activity, hoping to give back to their community.

Sales of the EP go to benefit charities in Houston helping the survivors and victims of Harvey. And at $5 for the full set, that’s a lot of music and a lot of good for a little money.

You can pick it up on iTunes, Bandcamp, or Spotify.

But That’s Not All

(Source:  Gamerant)

This isn’t Materia Collective’s first charity album, either.

SPIRIT falls under the Multiplayer Charity label, which has produced a number of charity albums in its time. Its three previous albums have raised funds for Child’s Play and, with earnings clock in at over $10,ooo.

With SPIRIT, Multiplayer Charity (and Materia Collective as a whole) hope to bring attention to more than just the wake of Harvey. Many other areas have been affected this hurricane season. And their theme of unity, friendship and hope extends beyond the immediate.

If you are able, please consider picking up this cool EP to help the people of Houston. And, maybe, let it inspire you to reach beyond and offer help wherever you can!



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