Get Competitive with These 3 Anime

Competition brings out the best in us. It gets our blood pumping, our minds racing, and gives us that insatiable urge to succeed! These three anime are enough to bring out the competitive side of anyone. Don’t believe us? Check for yourself. You’ll be biting at the bit in no time.


Baby Steps

Baby Steps 2

If you’ve ever found yourself wishing for an action-packed tennis anime (and who hasn’t?) then you’ll go wild for Baby Steps! Even if tennis isn’t your thing, this show brings comedy and drama to the sports anime genre. Plus, the action is so intense, you’ll forget you’re even watching tennis at all.

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Hikaru no Go

Hikaru No GO

If an anime based on a board game sounds boring to you, you couldn’t be more wrong (Jumanji anyone?). To be fair, Hikaru no Go is based on the incredibly nuanced game Go, the oldest boardgame that is still played today. But this series breathes no life into this ancient game, and even offers tips and tricks so you can get a game started yourself!

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Onigiri 10

While this anime might not seem fiercely competitive on the surface, it actually takes place within an MMORPG that exists IN REAL LIFE. That’s right, you can download the Onigiri game for free for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The protagonists of this series are on a constant quest for experience points, and if a race to level up doesn’t bring out your competitive side, what will?

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