Get Frosty: “Yuri!!! on ICE” Café Serves Up Hot and Cold Treats

Yuri!!! on ICE cafe
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We love us a good collab café, everyone loves Yuri!!! on ICE… and the two are together at Omotesando Box Cafe & Space right now!

Yuri!!! on ICE cafe
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The menu includes a wide variety of meals, desserts, and drinks — both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. One of the featured desserts, “Yuri!!! on Shaved Ice” (pictured left), comes with ice cream, fruit, two flavors of syrup, and picture cards. If you’re in the mood for something more substantial, there are hot meals like borscht, fried rice, and hotpot. Drinks include mocha (hot or iced), Viktor’s quad flip soda, and a variety of fancy cocktails. And if you’re in a hurry, there’s even a pirozhki in its own little to-go box!

Of course, visitors will be able to buy special goods from the shop, featuring the art seen at the top of the article. Visitors can buy canvas prints, notebooks, clear files, totes, and even small standees featuring the Viktor and the two Yuris in their waitstaff uniforms.

Yuri!!! on ICE cafe
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Unsurprisingly, an event like this is going to be super popular, so reservations are required. Each seating is limited to 80 minutes, but that should be more than enough time to find something you like, sample the food, and then pick up some memorabilia. And if not? Well, this wasn’t the first YOI cafe, and it’s not likely to be the last!

Another collaboration event took place late last year at Sweets Paradise, a dessert buffet chain. They had their own unique menu, too: “Eros” and “Agape” mixed drinks, omelettes and curry with character faces, and a delicious looking strawberry parfait. So, while anime-themed cafés come and go, it’s likely there will be lots of chances to attend a Yuri!!! on ICE event in future!

You can check out their official website for a full menu and list of goods. What would you order? Tell us in the comments!



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