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Video game music covers are super popular, and it’s not hard to see why. We all love video game music; but Materia Collective has gone a step further. The company does release a lot of cool covers for things like Final Fantasy and NieR:Automata. But they also work together with game creators to release officially licensed cover albums… and sometimes even help creators get soundtracks made for their creations!

A Not-So-Final Fantasy

As one might expect from the name of the company, Materia Collective has a serious love of Final Fantasy. The group has put out multiple albums remixing the franchise’s memorable themes, performed by musicians from all over the world. The recent Spira is a two-disc collection of Final Fantasy X mixes, with a twist: all the creators were encouraged to step outside their comfort zone. Whether that meant working in a new style or collaborating with a new partner, everyone was up to the task.

But that’s not the only classic franchise Materia loves. They’ve also delved into The Legend of Zelda, with projects like the orchestral Hero of Time. The collection covers Ocarina of Time themes with the help of a 64-piece orchestra (they also had the help of more than 1,000 Kickstarter backers!).

Full of Determination

Beyond showing their love for established classics, Materia Collective also works closely with game creators on newer titles. Toby Fox’s smash hit Undertale is heavily represented in the Materia catalog — largely because they released the official soundtrack! Officially licensed remix albums include collections of piano music, the rave-reviewed Straight from the Underground, and the new Strings of Determination by YouTuber String Player Gamer.

The team is also behind soundtracks for other indie hits, like the quirky West of Loathing and the free point-and-click adventure Dead Horizon.

Their catalog is available on Bandcamp, SoundCloud, and iTunes. Why not pick up a few mixes and see what you think?





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