Get Inspired! 10 Anime Quotes That Will Change Your Life

Anime is filled with thousands upon thousands of great quotes. Moments of fantastic writing that give you pause and make you think about a subject in a brand new way that you’ve never even considered before. Now that summer is upon us, we thought it was a great time to gather some of these quotes and hopefully give everyone something deep to think about. After much thought and soul searching, we decided that the best choice was the most basic: life itself.

The theme for this selection of quotes is ‘life and advice on how best to live it.’ Some of you reading this have already experienced quite a bit of life and may already have a good idea of how you want to live your life. Some of you, however, are still pretty new to life and might not even have two full decades under your belt. For you, the ones who are looking at the big scary world with bright and eager eyes, we dedicate this list and hope that you are able to gather some form of wisdom from the characters who have entertained us over the years.


Death Parade

“Humans all behave the same way, like idiots. They all forget that someday, they’re gonna die, so the moment they come face to face with death, they cling to life.” – Ginti

Death Parade 6.4

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United Kingdom and Ireland



Natsuki Rendezvous

“Live a pleasant life in the unpleasant world.” – Rokka Shimao



Your lie in April

“So ephemeral and weak. But its shining with all its might. Thump, Thump, like a heartbeat. This is the light of life.” – Kaori Miyazono

YLIA 004

Available in

Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Finland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Sweden



Samurai X

“The moment you find the courage to give up your life for someone, would be the moment you understand love.” – Kenshin Himura




“To enjoy an ordinary life, you must constantly evolve.” – Izaya Orihara

Durararara 1

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United Kingdom and Ireland



Angel Beats

“We have no choice but to accept the one and only life we’re given, no matter how cruel and heartless it might be.” – Yuri Nakamura



Log Horizon

“Any kind of life can go wrong, or sicken or suffer. Lives get old, decay, and finally die. Disliking that fact because it hurts, isn’t any different than disliking life itself.” – Nyanta


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Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden



Blue Exorcist

“Life’s a bitch, so if it’s easy, you’re doing it wrong.” – Rin Okumura



Black Lagoon

“You’ve got to enjoy life, or else you’ll end up wasting it.” – Revy



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