A New Junji Ito Anime Is Coming!

We're Getting a New Junji Ito Anime!

Calling all you macabre horror freaks: it’s about to get weird up in here. According to Junji Ito’s Haunted House, the horror manga master will be having more of his work adapted into anime. (His two-part manga GYO previously received an OVA adaptation.) So what’s it going to be?… Well, we don’t have a title yet, but the new teaser image is making it look like an anthology series!

We're Getting a New Junji Ito Anime!
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With Ito celebrating his 30th anniversary as a manga-ka this year, it makes sense that he’d be getting some special attention. And the teaser image features characters from classics like Tomie, The Long Dream, and My Dear Ancestors. This certainly looks like a way to celebrate his long career. Despite having several long-form pieces to his name, Ito is largely known for his one-show horrors.

So, which of his works are we hoping make the cut? Leaving out the ones already depicted, here are a few we’d like to see!


One of Ito’s long-form works, Uzumaki (like Tomie and The Long Dream) has already had a live-action adaptation. But since it was being produced during the manga’s run, we never got to see the “real” ending onscreen. It follows a high school couple in a small town as they seek out the secret behind its spiral curse. Literally — everything (and everyone) seems to succumb to otherworldly spirals. A mini story arc within the series would be a great way to finally bring the manga’s true ending to a viewing audience.

The Enigma of Amigara Fault

This was many fans’ first introduction to Ito’s work: a short piece about mysterious, human-shaped holes in the side of a mountain. It achieved meme status, and went on to provide the inspiration for the Kindergartens of Steven Universe. Bringing this short to the screen would be a fun nod to the fan base. Plus, the claustrophobic tale about tourists finding “their” holes amidst dreams of ancient punishment is a definite chiller.

We're Getting a New Junji Ito Anime!

Dissolving Classroom

One of Ito’s newest works, this short piece (accompanied by a few other standalone stories) will make you afraid of apologies. Of the siblings who make up the core of the story, the brother may seem infinitely more polite… but his apologies are more than just words. And his sister is more than just a little freaky.

Anything with Mimi or Souichi

Two of Ito’s recurring characters who don’t get as much love as Tomie, Mimi and Souichi both have plenty of stories calculated to terrify. Troublemaker Souichi was the central figure of Volumes 5 and 6 of Ito’s collections, executing pranks and curses on his various enemies. Mimi, on the other hand, is a lovely and well-meaning schoolgirl who somehow manages to attract trouble. And no matter how much proof she offers, her boyfriend still claims she’s just got a very active imagination.

Which stories would you like to see brought to life? Tell us in the comments!

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