Going… Going… ALMOST GONE

Superhero Me

To our anime fans and lovers of all things Japan: you’re in for a real busy week of streaming.

The following titles are about to disappear from our site


For everyone that believes that cats > humans. 

Remember Space Invaders? Prepare to be wowed.

A quintessential coming of age story (with lots of wigs, fabric and hot glue).

Follow 3 role-playing gamers on their quest to conquer the world of Dungeons & Dragons… And… Life.  

Ready, player one! Watch if you’ve ever wished for your own Dig Dug, Crystal Castles, and/or Dragon Slayer consoles.

No one ever said you need superpowers, spandex, or any extraordinary talents to become a real-life superhero. 

Take a rarely seen inside look at what it really means to be an artist: The ugly, the fabulous, and the vision. 

Harry Potter fans, UNITE! Follow these uber fans as they keep the magic alive. 

SPOILER ALERT: Most, but not all, all of these titles are available in your country. (awkwarrrrrd). On the bright side, you can’t miss what you’ve never seen.

Whether you’ve watched them before or kept them on the back burner; all good things must eventually come to an end.

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