Grab Your Smartphone and Become a Magical Girl!

If you’ve ever wanted to step into the shoes of a magical girl, now’s your chance! Provided you have access to the Japanese app store that serves your device, you now have a way to enter the world of the mahou shoujo on your screens. No, we’re not talking about turning your phone into a henshin device (not yet, anyway). We’re talking about new games that are about to become available from two of today’s most popular (and most heartbreaking) magical girl franchises.


Fans of Puella Magi Madoka Magica will have a chance to meet a new group of magical girls in Magia Record, a roleplaying game set in the Madoka universe. Our pink-haired heroine this time is Iroha Tamaki (the one on the left), who runs into Madoka as the two are searching for lost comrades — Iroha for her sister Ui, and Madoka for Homura. The game will also introduce even more new magical girls, presumably affiliated with Iroha in some way.

Like other popular anime tie-in games, Magia Record will be a mix of “card” collecting, combat, and visual novel gameplay. It will also feature voice acting from the series’s stars and new music by the band TrySail. If you’d like an early taste of what the characters are like, the 4-panel Magia Report is their official mini-manga introducing the new story elements.


For people into Yuki Yuna Is a Hero and its various iterations, there’s yet another game coming. Yuki Yuna Is a Hero: Shine of the Flower Braid will be attempting a monumental task, pulling together magical girl heroes from multiple eras of the series. That includes two new girls (seen at right)! As with Magia Record, the original voice cast will be returning, and new animation will be created especially for the game.

Both games are due for release later this year on both iOS and Android, but there have been no plans announced yet to localize either of them anywhere outside Japan. But if you have access to the Japanese stores and are fluent, you might have a chance — and who knows? If demand is high, they might expand!

Would you be interested in these games? Is there another magical girl series you’d like to see become a playable app? Sound off below!


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