Anime Catchup: Aho-Girl Review

Anime Catchup: Aho-Girl Review
(Source: ADK)

I didn’t think I was going to watch this series (I actually successfully avoided it all summer)…but then my friend sent me this clip.

I mean…how could I resist?

Anime Catchup: Aho-Girl Review
(Source: ADK)

To be completely honest, this show is nothing more than base level stupidity, and I’m absolutely in love with it. Aho-Girl is an amazingly funny and easy watch. The first episode may be full length, but the rest of the episodes are 13 minutes long and go down easier than a nice scotch. And even at a 13 minute runtime, each episode is diluted into 3-4 mini stories.

Every episode is funny. Every character is funny. This show is truly base level. You’re not going to see any growth or coherent story lines.

You’re not going to get invested in any characters (except for Dog). And that’s fine, isn’t it? Sometimes you need something mindless. Sometimes it’s good to have a palate cleanser, and that’s exactly what I’m getting with Aho-Girl. Plus, I made it super simple for all of you. That clip is a great indication of what this show is. If you don’t find it funny, then maybe it isn’t for you. But honest to god, it’s all I need, and I’m so grateful for my friend and for the stupid, clueless Aho-Girl.


Check out Aho-Girl on Crunchyroll.

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