Graham’s Summer Anime, Part 2

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Miss part one of my summer anime reviews? Check it out here. And without further ado, part II.

Welcome to the Ballroom (WTTB), Amazon Strike

welcome to the ballroom is this year’s clear frontrunner for Yuri on Ice clone. However, this isn’t Yuri on Ice, and I don’t mean that in a good way. In Yuri on Ice, Yuri is established as a top six skater in the world in his division. He wasn’t a natural savant and wasn’t able to perform well outside of his expected skill level. The writers for the show didn’t use that anime trope and I loved it for that. And god, WTTB started out so well. Our protagonist Tatara is a novice. We see him struggle to grasp ballroom dancing in the first two episodes, yet we see him improve little by little. But then in the third episode, he’s copying champion level routines on sight alone. Why? How? Ugh.

Also, WTTB is practically screaming, “I SWEAR TO GOD WE’RE STRAIGHT! LOOK AT THESE BOOBS BOUNCE FOR NO REASON!” It’s ridiculous.

All that aside, the first few episodes of this show were pretty good. The dancing in this show is beautiful. The drama in the third episode is fantastic and unexpected. I recommend this show, and I’ll keep watching it this summer. Probably for the boobs.


Knight’s & Magic (K&M), Crunchyroll

knights-and-magicK&M is an odd show. It begins by portraying itself as another “person dies and is reborn in another world” anime, but it’s rarely ever used within the plot line. The three minutes we have with our main character in the real world are there to establish him as a genius programmer. That’s it. I completely forget it’s part of the story until Ernesti (our 12-year-old lead) says the words programmer or robot. It takes me out of the show every time, and I doubt if it’ll pay off.

This world we’re thrown into incorporates magic and mechs fighting giant monsters. It’s orgasmic.

K&M has serious potential. There’s weight and meaning to the battles in the show. They aren’t gory or bloody, but people die in this show. Brutally. And watching Ernesti adapt these rigid hunks of metal into acrobatic mechs is brilliantly done. And yet, its glory is ripped from beneath it in the literal last minute of episodes two and three. After Ernesti kills a giant beast, known as a division-class demon, some weird subplots emerge.

Two subplots in particular sank this show’s rating. I might keep watching this. It really depends on how much I like these other shows.


That’s all for now! Tune in next time for Princess Principal and Fate/Apocrypha!

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