Dual Anime Review: Made In Abyss & Classroom Of The Elite

Behind on anime? Get caught up before winter anime release; today I’m reviewing Made In Abyss and Classroom of the Elite.


Made in Abyss, Amazon Prime

Made in Abyss is undoubtedly the best looking show of the season. This show looks like it was supposed to be a feature length movie. The animation and character design is THAT good. And luckily, the story is pretty great, too.

Made in Abyss takes us to Orth, a city on the edge of the Abyss—the last unexplored place on Earth. The Abyss is a hole of unknown depth, containing creatures and treasures the world has never seen before. Orth is a town full of Cave Raiders and unearthing these treasures is the town’s main reason for existing. Cave Raiders are all ages and can descend as far as their rank allows them to. We follow Riko, a twelve-year-old Cave Raider who’s hoping to one day become as famous as her mom. One day as she’s exploring, Riko and her friend Nat are attacked by a GORGEOUS beast named a Crimson Splitjaw. Just as it looks like the show will only be 4 minutes long, Riko is saved by a boy robot.

I want to say more about this show, but I can’t. Just know, we’re going deep into this hole. The music and visuals in this show are second to none. Please watch this masterpiece in the making.


Check out the Classroom of the Elite review on page 2


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