Dual Anime Review: VME & Altair A Record Of Battles 

Vatican Miracle Examiner Altair: A Record Of Battles

Behind on anime? Get caught up before winter anime release; today I’m reviewing Vatican Miracle Examiner and Altair: A Record Of Battles.

Vatican Miracle Examiner, Amazon Strike

I didn’t expect this show to be gory, and I love that it is.

Vatican Miracle Examiner (VME) feels like the result of Case Closed and The Exorcist having a baby. In this show, we follow two “Miracle Examiners” who go around the world and investigate miracle claims. In the first few episodes of the show, we follow a case involving a virgin pregnancy, stigmata, and devil worship. If that seems like a lot, hold on because I haven’t mentioned the four murders that replicate the gruesome deaths of a number of saints. Nor have I mentioned the insane lady who had a two-headed baby. AND one of the examiners keeps seeing devils in his dreams and in reality. This show definitely decided to do a sprint instead of a marathon.

I’m unsure if this season will contain multiple storylines or will stick to this initial one. Hopefully, it gets spread around because it almost feels like this first thread is about to wrap up.

VME isn’t bad; it’s just a bit clunky and feels rushed at times. In fact, it’s way better than I expected. I can see myself watching this if I get bored one day, but I don’t think I’ll continue it for the season. But I do recommend it.


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