Graham’s Summer Anime, Pt. IV

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Miss part III of my summer anime reviews? Check it out here. And without further ado, part IV.

Battle Girl High School, HIDIVE 

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This show is not good. In fact, it’s quite bad. I hate trashing shows, but BGHS is truly awful. They try and introduce 22 people to us in the first episode (I may have missed a few). Eighteen of these people make up the Hoshimori team. Not a single one stands out. These 18 girls protect the world from beasts called Irous. The Irous’ design is awful. I saw better monster designs on the original PlayStation.

The animation is lazy. Mouth flap movements don’t match up in the subbed version. THE SUBBED VERSION! Fight scenes are non-existent despite this being a “battle anime.” The comedy on this show always misses. It is unbelievably boring. But the worst sin this show commits is the two character cards at the midpoint of every episode. These character cards include normal stuff like birthdays, heights, and weights, but also the bust/waist/hip measurements of these junior high and high school girls. What. The. F*ck?

This is a dollar store version of Sailor Moon. I’m glad I can cancel my HIDIVE subscription immediately because I won’t be watching this again.


DIVE!!Amazon Prime 

More defined abs than you’ll see in the first 3 episodes.

The first 30 seconds of this show are better than the entirety of Battle Girl High School.

Dive!! is a pretty good anime. The first three episodes have laid a great foundation for the rest of the show. The anime focuses around the Mizuki Diving Club (MDC) and its divers. The club has fallen nearly into bankruptcy but is kept alive thanks in part to having a world-class diver, Youichi Fujitani. And he’s not even the show’s protagonist. Our protagonist is a shy, almost introverted middle school student named Tomoki Sakai, who is maybe the second best diver in the club.

The tension and driving point of the story come because of a lofty goal—if the boys want the club to stay open, one of them needs to make the Olympics. What I love so much about the show is that there isn’t some huge competition between Youichi and Tomoki. Both of them are trying to make the squad, but not at the expense of the other diver. I also love how real the show feels at times. The boy’s coach asks them what their driving point to making the Olympics is. They acknowledge it isn’t necessarily to save the club but is mostly for themselves. I’m incredibly impressed with the way the storyline sucked me in.

This show doesn’t seem to have much fan service either. I kinda expected more. I’ll keep watching for sure.


Tune in next time for my reviews of Gamers! and Love and Lies.


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