Guilty Pleasure Collectibles For Otaku

We live in a world where there are items that are associated as items of… acquired interests. In the land of anime fandom there are quite a few items. So rather than chat you all up about them, let’s just dive into them all.

Guilty Pleasure Collectibles For Otaku body pillow

Dakimakura or Body Pillows are synonymous with creepy folk and shut-ins alike. That doesn’t have to be the case… pillow case that is. There are good options that are clean and vaguely family friendly. They are deficiently hard to find and few in-between, but they do exist; pure and clean. Okay, maybe we can never shake that sense of udder shame when we hold a Dakimakura, but you cannot deny your curiosity.

Guilty Pleasure Collectibles For Otaku anime fandom

Dead or Alive Xtreme series has SOLID volleyball mechanics, but present awkward moments with the family. Okay we all know you, your best friend, your dog and I have all… ‘researched’ this title before. Frankly I own the latest entry in the series and I don’t even care. The game takes the ladies of the Dead or Alive fighting game series and throws them into a beachball paradise. Of course there are mini-games to be played and volleyballs to be spiked; although that isn’t the main attraction. The… jiggle physics take front and center here. I’ll leave you all to dwell on what that might entail.

Those figures your mother warned you about. Maybe your mum didn’t tell you about those figures; maybe you already knew about them. Long story short is that there are two types of anime figure collectors: The casual and the non-casual. No harm no foul if you like collecting the more scantly cladded ones as they do have an appeal, just don’t expect the same love from someone else.

Guilty Pleasure Collectibles For Otaku anime fandom

The no holds bars anime that have a certain reputation. Frankly speaking, we all have watched those anime and while we enjoyed them we may have never purchased them. High School DXD is a prime candidate for this as it is a great anime, but man is it an awkward one to explain buying; just imagine your mum going through your Blu-Ray collection.

Alright comment squad you know the drill. Let us know in the comments below what guilty pleasure items you enjoy collecting or playing.


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