Gundam Versus Set For Summer Release

image source: Bandai Namco
Image Source : Bandai Namco

The latest Gundam Versus game will be coming to Playstation 4 in July of 2017, at least in Japan. They recently released a full trailer with an extensive look at the new game… But this new game won’t exactly be breaking the mold when it comes to the Gundam fighting games (because if it ain’t broke, why fix it?) It WILL have a strong graphics update for the PS4 and supposedly has an improved frame rate over its predecessors.

The beta test version of the game was met with heaps of praise: The past games in this series were mostly arcade games that were adapted into console games. The new Gundam Versus was made directly for the console.

image source: Bandai Namco

Whether or not this game will ever see a western release is still up in the air, but with PS4 being region-free… gamers will be able to import the game once it has been released. They also plan to release a special limited edition called the Premium Sound G Edition. That version will include anime songs and background music from the original works that are referenced within the game. In total that version of the game will feature 35 songs from your favorite Gundam series. Bandai Namco have also given an updated list of some of the mobile suits that will appear in the game. The suits said to be available to play in the game include:

V Gundam
Wing Gundam Zero, (stereotypical I know, but my favorite)
Unicorn Gundam
Full Armor Gundam
Kimaris Trooper
Psycho Zaku
Turn X
Blitz Gundam
and Gundam Throne Eins

This release will celebrate the 15th anniversary of the game series and will be available in Japan on July 6, 2017. Mark your calendars, folks.

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