Help New Japanese Animators With Dorm Crowdfunding!

Help New Japanese Animators With Dorm Crowdfunding!
Source: Animator Dormitory 2018

Japanese animators — especially new animators — don’t earn much. It’s the industry’s worst kept secret, and there’s no sign that this will be fixed anytime soon. And this leaves many aspiring artists unable to support themselves when they enter the industry.

Fortunately, a group exists to defray costs — and now it’s up to you to help them.

The Story So Far

Help New Japanese Animators With Dorm Crowdfunding!
Source: Animator Dormitory 2018

Since 2010, the Animator Services Organization has committed itself to helping new creators get a foothold in the anime industry. The most difficult part of the job is the low pay. In 2015, an animator working 11 hours a day could expect to pull in the equivalent of $1,000 per month. And when you take Japan’s standard of living into account, that’s even lower than it looks at first glance.

The Japanese government knows of this discrepancy, but the problem still exists. So rather than waiting for a solution, the Animator Service Organization made their own: animator dorms.

Three dormitories are currently available to animators who have been in the industry for three years or fewer. Charitable donations keep the houses running, with donors supplying more than 10.6 million yen to date. So far, 25 up-and-coming animators have benefited from the housing… and there’s more to come.

What’s to Come

Help New Japanese Animators With Dorm Crowdfunding!
Source: Animator Dormitory 2018

This March, the group will be opening its fourth dormitory. The new dorm will provide space for 11 new animators! But the group still needs help for dorm building and upkeep.

The Animator Dormitory 2018 crowdfunding campaign hopes to raise 2 million yen to keep up their good work. At the time of this writing, the campaign is just under halfway there — let’s hope it’s much further along by the time you see it!

Patrons will not only be helping new talent, but will get to see what that new talent can do. Benefits include art books, commissions, and animations created by the dorm’s tenants. Plus, if you’re a high-rolling donor and live in Japan, you can get an invite to one of the dorm’s parties!

We wish the group — and their tenants! — all the best in their continued efforts!

Will you be donating to the cause? Let us know in the comments!

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