Stupendous Anime Worth Sharing

We all have our favorite anime that we subjugate everyone in the office, home space, pets or internet to. Today we’re going to share select anime that are worth sharing with friends, family and your odd neighbor next door!

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For the neighbor who needs a little more flair in their daily routine, opt for Blood Blockade Battlefront.

Monsters, magic, awesome powers and people who are thrust from the ordinary into the extraordinary. Such is the case with the wild and wacky cast that makes up the anime of Blood Blockade Battlefront! This anime has some juicy visuals and impressive voice work, plus über memorable fight scenes. Pretty soon they’ll want to live in a wacky concrete jungle of monsters and magic.

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For that friend who just needs a good smile, few top FLIP FLAPPERS.

This much lauded anime has some of the best voice acting we have heard in ages.. Plus it’s a beauty to behold. Cocona and Papika are adorable, period. No spoilers… So we’ll just say they’ll have plenty to grin about while watching this anime!

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Because we all sometimes need an escape from daily life, Log Horizon had to make our list.

While carrying a familiar tone in terms of story, this anime is sure to delight the gamer and fantasy fan of yours! With it’s gaming background turned everyday reality, Log Horizon is the realization of a dream just about every gamer has had… Awesome sword play included.

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There will come a time when you’re asked for an anime about spicy cyborg women. When that happens, there is no greater selection than Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex.

We might also mention that we are really excited for the upcoming live action adaptation. While it is not 80’s nostalgia, it is a high quality classic that takes us into the grittier life that this dystopian future holds.

…Now quit stalling and SHARE! Including your cat. Okay, all of your cats.

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