Here’s The Scoop On Tokyo’s Secret Nintendo Bar

Here's The Scoop On Tokyo's Secret Nintendo-Themed Bar

First thing’s first, this bar is member’s ONLY. Read on, but be warned, you’ll want to go… And we’re not going to help you get in.

There is a place in Tokyo, hidden behind a typical door… And it’s filled with more vintage gaming magic than you can dream of. It’s called “84” and to get in, you’ve either got to be a member, or you’ve got to know a member. Without them, you won’t even be able to find the address, since it’s got absolutely no signage or listed location.

For those that do find THE door, they’re greeted with a Zelda secret sound when opened. Here, you’ll meet the owner himself – – – gaming aficionado Hashimoto.


Becoming A Member

Obviously the biggest hurdle is finding a member to introduce you to the Nintendo bar in the first place. Frankly, that’s just pure luck. But from there…. we can help you avoid screwing up your chances to gain access to that member card.

Before you’re even allowed to interview for your membership, you’ve got to be invited to the bar five separate times. During this, you can schedule two “meetings” with Hashimoto and another official member of his choosing. It’s during these interviews that you’ll make or break yourself.

To become an official member, associate members are required to come to 84 five times as well as do two ‘meetings’. By that I mean chat and drink with me and another official member. I just want to get to know them. Then, they can become official members and get an official member card. See, they’re shaped like Famicom cartridges!


That, they are.

Given its niche, roughly half of 84’s members are game developers. Most of the other half are equally awesome entertainers, manga artists, musicians, and wrestlers.. So you’ll be flat out refused as members if you’re too excited to see bar patrons, instead of leaving them alone.

But not you. You’re suave, you’re cool. So once you’ve got your card, breathe a sigh of relief, and start looking closely at the bar’s collectibles.

Here’s a peek at the goodies you’ll uncover inside:


Think priceless autographs, memorabilia, games, and a hell of a lot of original artistry from class game developers/creators themselves.

Get the full lowdown from the folks with the member cards HERE.





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