Hip-Hop’s Influence on Anime

Anime and hip-hop have come together like a match made in heaven, and have given us viewers some incredible, and view-worthy titles. We’ve created a list of titles to tickle your fancy if you’ve not only got a love for anime, but a love for hip-hop.

Afro Samurai

Here are the basics: The best fighter in the land has something everyone wants; a headband with “No. 1” on it. SCORE.

This anime puts a Blaxploitation take on a samurai movie. This samurai has a giant fro; Samuel L. Jackson’s voice; and a giant sword matched with classic RZA and Gonzo Animation. It’s hard to look away as Afro Samurai claims vengeance against his enemies.

Tokyo Tribes  

Have you ever seen the 70s classic, The Warriors? If not you need to, but more importantly you need to experience Tokyo Tribes. Street gangs and full blown violence fill the pages of the original manga and while some characters don’t live outside of the manga, the anime stays true to hip-hop culture through displays of 90’s hip-hop inspired style, and high-top fades to boot. Not only is Tokyo Tribes a manga and anime, it has also been adapted into a live action hip-hop, kung-fu musical (Tokyo Tribes, 2014). OH HELL YES.

Animeme Rap Battles 

This isn’t a classic anime title but it is nonetheless hip-hop inspired, and hilarious. The characters in these rap battles go head to head by hurling insults and clowning until the death of one character. There’s no way you won’t be laughing by then end of a battle, and these rhymes could make a gang-banger blush. Get ready to laugh it up!

Anime undoubtedly takes popular culture and puts an extra special twist on something we already adore. No matter what part of hip-hop culture is important to you; style, music or art– anime gives us another piece of hip-hop culture to indulge… Take your pick, yo.

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