HoloModels Brings Anime Figure Collecting Into AR

Source: VRFocus.com

Ever wished you had unlimited space for anime figures? Tech company Gugenka could make that dream a reality — if you don’t mind using up space on your phone, that is.

Their HoloModel line combines anime figure collecting with augmented reality, and it’s caught the eyes of a few fans. So what makes this AR program different from others?

HoloModels Brings Anime Figure Collecting Into AR
Source: HoloModels.jp

Full-Scale Figures

HoloModels uses the ARKit app to turn your phone into an anime figure collection. Boot it up, and you’ll see your virtual toy display in augmented reality. Then you can select a figure, pose it how you like, and change the scale!

That’s one place where HoloModels have the advantage over physical models: you can scale them up to whatever size you want. That means posing your figures in the “real world.” Plus, you’re not as restricted by points of articulation, meaning you can lay out all sorts of scenes.

Each figure also comes with “stickers” and “props” to enhance the scene. And there’s no need to worry about space or tidying up, since the whole thing is on your phone.

So far, Gugenka has released figures for Rem and Emilia from Re:Zero, Minoa from Anime-Gataris, and their own character Megu Shinonome. At under 4,000 yen per figure (and usable on a free app), they’re also significantly cheaper than many physical models.


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