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Yep, @ghostofsparkles is back, and this time it’s with the latest and greatest global movie news.

This week we were granted a peek at Tim Burton’s upcoming live-action Dumbo film! The trailer muffled our initial skepticism; frankly, we’re optimistic about this one. It’s definitely going to be a money-maker.

Here’s that Dumbo Trailer:

Meanwhile, George Lucas just revealed what he was going to get into with the Star Wars storyline… and it involves micro-biotic, universe-controlling “whills”… yikes. He knew the fandom wouldn’t be for it, and sounds like he didn’t really care.

Even better, James Cameron just recently revealed a major step towards completion of the upcoming(ish) Avatar 2 and Avatar 3 pictures. FYI, it’s still the top grossing film OF ALL TIME.

P.S. – the Warner Bros. live-action Akira adaptation is still in production… The title’s a key source of inspiration behind films like Inception and The Matrix… So frankly, we’re surprised the struggle is so real. But hey, maybe one day it’ll come together.

Most importantly, a UK super-fan (and our hero) saw Infinity War in theaters 100 times…

Congrats to that super-fan… Stream the full news update below –








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