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night's drink

Enter Night’s Drink, a bar with a shady reputation and a list of regulars as enigmatic as they are mysterious. Follow Jean, a young detective hot on his first case, as he tries to unlock the secrets of the bar’s puzzling owner, Ludwig Roth, and his deck of foreboding tarot cards.

night's drink

Brought to you by Ero★Pinku and SagaKuroi, Night’s Drink is a stylish digital manga that combines vibrant colors and unique character design to tell a story that pulses with the heartbeat of the underworld itself. Immerse yourself in the intrigue and read Night’s Drink tonight, available exclusively to OMAKASE subscribers.


When you sign up for OMAKASE, you are signing up for a bi-monthly delivery of carefully curated anime merchandise, but what you actually get is so much more. On top of the exclusive licensed merchandise, we also work closely with content creators to deliver what we like to call “Digital Goodies“, exclusive comics, music and more from some of our favorite artists within the anime community.

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Note: as this is a digital Manga, be sure to read the panels from right to left 😉


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