Husband and Wife Masters Of Cosplay (Crossplay, Too)

Husband and Wife Masters Of Cosplay (Crossplay, Too)
(Source: Alex Bootsman)

They’re the definition of “couple goals”. A husband and wife with a passion for cosplay recently dressed up as Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus together, and it’s safe to say that they nailed it.

Husband and Wife Masters Of Cosplay (Crossplay, Too)
(Source: Miadema / fenixfatalist)

Meet Fenixfatalist and Vergiil-sparda, steadily emerging with a growing fanbase on And of course, their claim to fame is cosplaying as their favorite characters from fiction.

They’ve featured characters like Tracer from Overwatch, Dnaeryes Targaryen & Viserys from Game of Thrones, Newt Scamander, and Fenixfatalist’s version of 2B from Nier: Automata (which we may say, is particularly impressive). Their latest Sailor Moon rendition appears to be the first time that Vergiil-sparda has posted any attempts at crossplay.


It might surprise the uninitiated to know that crossplay is pretty common among the cosplay crowd and actually pretty widely accepted. Some less open-minded people might find it odd, but the best cosplay-aficionados know how to appreciate all of the forms than fans come in.

Because anime has so many female heroes, crossplay is particularly popular among fans of the Japanese animation. Crossdressing has become a part of many cultures around the world and Japan is no exception. Japan might even be one of the cultures that accepts crossdressing the most.

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We’re rooting for a Sakura & Tomoyo cosplay next… ↡

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