“I am getting so much less done.”

So I just stumbled across this overly positive blog review of our app, reminding me how wonderful it is to do more pleasurable things in place of less pleasurable ones.

You know – that magic thing about procrastination. The feeling of guilt and the universe collapsing around you, combined with pure bliss and awesomeness.

Here’s a snippet of Didodi’s review:

I am watching videos on this thing all day, now. Maybe it is part of the reason I am getting so much less done. Either that or laziness. I still gotta say that I am very happy I got this. And I can’t even explain how it happened. I was doing something on my iPad and suddenly my App Store popped up (I hate that shit sometimes) and it offered me “Viewster”. After I looked over the description I didn’t see any harm in downloading the app. Plus, if I no longer want certain apps on my iPad it is very easy to take them off and with Viewster, so far, so good. And it helped me to find a reason to start blogging again and let go of all the silly stuff and just be happy.

 Grab our free iOS app if you haven’t. It’s potentially the best way of getting less done.


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