“Ingress” Is Getting Animated: And Here Are Its Stars

"Ingress" Is Getting Animated: And Here Are Its Stars!
Source: Ingress-Anime.com

What do Pokémon GO and Ingress have in common? Niantic, Inc. coded both of them. They’re both social smartphone games that’ll increase your step count. They have similar mechanics. And they both have ties to anime!

That’s right — Ingress is getting an anime adaptation. And that adaptation will usher in a new era for the popular game!

Pick a Side

"Ingress" Is Getting Animated: And Here Are Its Stars!
Source: Yu-Kai Chou

Launched in 2013 for Android (then later in 2014 for iOS), Ingress is an AR smartphone game in which you pick a faction to help save the world. But which faction, and how you save the world, is up to you.

In the world of the game, exotic matter — or XM — has begun spreading over the globe as of 2012. XM is related to an extradimensional species known as the Shapers. Their goal is to use XM to bring enlightenment to humanity, and a faction known as the Enlightened want to help them. But there’s also the Resistance, who believe that siding with the Shapers is a bad idea.

From there, it’s a global game of Capture the Flag, with the Enlightened in green and the Resistance in blue. Take over points of interest out in the world, link them into triangular fields, and take control of as much XM as possible for your faction.


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