Inside the Nasuverse: “Fate/Grand Order” Meets “Kara no Kyoukai”

Inside the Nasuverse: "Fate/Grand Order" Meets "Kara no Kyoukai"

What happens when a writer’s different fictional worlds collide? For some, that’s the entire name of the game (Stephen King’s Dark Tower, for instance). Kinoko Nasu’s fan-named “Nasuverse,” to a degree, is similar. But what happens when protagonists actually move between the settings of these fictions?

That’s what players found out in Fate/Grand Order‘s first crossover event: The Garden of Order.

Welcome to the Grudge Garden

Inside the Nasuverse: "Fate/Grand Order" Meets "Kara no Kyoukai"
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Started in 1998, The Garden of Sinners (or Kara no Kyoukai) came out via magazine installments before being compiled into a light novel. The heroine is Shiki Ryougi, a paranormal investigator possessing a power known as the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception.

But she’s not an oddity in her family — the Ryougi family as a whole possesses special abilities. Not only that, but children end up with separate male and female personalities. Shiki is no different… but within her own story, she loses contact with her “male” personality.

Oh, and there’s a third Shiki personality hiding between the other two.

Many elements of Kara no Kyoukai, like the concept of “Mystic Eyes” and early iterations of magecraft, would form the basis for Tsukihime and the Fate series. You’ll even see a few familiar faces passing between the titles.

But Shiki’s appearance in Fate/Grand Order — or rather, your appearance in her world — brings the two titles closer together than ever.

The Garden of Order

Inside the Nasuverse: "Fate/Grand Order" Meets "Kara no Kyoukai"
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Fate/Grand Order‘s first collaboration campaign hit Japan in early 2016, and the West in early 2018. Known as The Garden of Order, it transported you (Chaldea’s one mage) and your faithful Demi-Servant Mash Kyrielight to Ogawa Apartment Complex. There, your other contracted Servants — who were notably missing from Chaldea — had rented out rooms. But they were acting a bit weird — and that’s saying something.

Fortunately, Shiki was there to help, in more ways than one. In terms of the story, she walked you through the eight floors of madness, fighting both Servants and supernatural monsters. In the context of the game, she appeared as a four-star Assassin… and briefly as a five-star Saber. (Remember those multiple personalities?)

In terms of the game, she appeared as a limited-time Servant. As with Oda Nobunaga, Santa Alter, and many before her, you had to earn her. But The Garden of Order does not go easy on its players. Not only did you have to finish the story of the campaign, you had to clear 92 mission! Some were story scenes, but others required killing multiple monsters, defeating Servants multiple times, or collecting collaboration goodies.

Fortunately, your hard work paid off. Finish all the missions, and Assassin Shiki (and her Ascension materials) would be yours. Plus, you could pick up some really nice Craft Essences and other bonuses along the way.

As for that Saber Shiki? Well, you’d either have to be really lucky or have deep pockets. But if you manage to get her, your Saber army will be unstoppable!

Are you looking forward to future Fate/Grand Order events? Let us know in the comments!

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