Interview: What’s Next For Viewster?

The guys over at UK Anime recently published an interview with us about our service, community, content and where we’re headed in the future.

We’re spilling the beans on quite a couple of new initiatives for 2015 – check a snippet from the talk below and head over to UK anime to read the full interview.


Although Viewster isn’t specifically an anime streaming service it’s increasingly becoming known for its anime content – what led you down the path of pursuing anime to add to the service so aggressively?

It’s a good question and we’re happy you guys notice the recent… err… anime infiltration. 🙂 We have a big passion for community culture, anime and niche fandom in general, so we decided to finally embark on a journey to create the most awesome platform for these three things. Shape-shifting an entire service is not easy (I’m sure you noticed a few glitches), but we decided to go for it.

We found out that anime viewers can basically help us help them in a variety of ways, compared to the less passionate viewers of other genres (basically, we found that almost no other genre has an audience as passionate as anime). With the amount of content consumed by anime viewers, as well as the overwhelming amount of engagement and feedback, we are able to make our catalogue and service much better, much more quickly. At the moment we continue getting passionate anime fans on-board for a variety of exciting projects, which I hope we can show you soon. If you read this and have any interesting ideas or ways you think you can contribute, please hit us up.

Also, we like a good discussion. Whether that’s about characters, scenes, rumours, plots, whatever – we always had the most fun talking about anime. With a more dedicated anime focus, it means that we can start spending more budget and time on fostering this community, going to conventions, meeting you and create activities that connect fans. And we’re happy to. It’s not a secret that we also need to earn money somehow, but when our anime viewership is growing this rapidly, it’s a no-brainer for us to throw more eggs in that basket.


More announcements are coming up this week, as well as more information about our fifth online film festival starting March 12th, this time focusing only on animation – stay tuned!


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