Introducing the Viewster HotScore: Our Secret Sauce

Hi there, my name is Randall and I run Analytics here at Viewster, and I would like to introduce you to a product that we have been working hard on recently: the brand new Viewster HotScore, which we are launching today on the Viewster website and on the Viewster apps for Android, iOS, and Connected TV.

So, what is the HotScore?

The HotScore is a new ranking algorithm that we have developed which sorts our content through a combination of factors such as viewer engagement, content freshness, and social media activity. In short, it is designed to put our hottest content in front of you, so that it is easier for you, the viewer, to find great content to watch on Viewster.

As you probably know, algorithms are central to what we do online. They power Google’s search results, your Facebook wall, Amazon’s recommendations, and millions upon millions of other things that happen on websites and mobile applications, from the dizzyingly complicated to the totally simple.

Here at Viewster, we see the HotScore as fulfilling two purposes:

  1. Providing a meaningful way of ranking our catalogue of free series and movies
  2. Ranking the entries in our quarterly online film festival, #VOFF

How does it work?

The HotScore is a relational score – meaning that all of the films and series are ranked in relation to each other. It’s also a global score, based on results from all of the countries where Viewster is available. And it is dynamic – scores will automatically update on a regular basis to reflect what is hot (and what is not!) on Viewster. Of course, behind the scenes we will be constantly tweaking the formula to make the HotScore better and more relevant.

Well, except for during the Festival, because the HotScore is now how we will rank the #VOFF entries and decide which will make it through to the panel of judges. This means that the HotScore is replacing the simple 5-star voting system that we used in the first edition.

So that’s about it – on a personal level I am very excited to see the project reach fruition, because only a few months ago this was a formula scribbled in my notebook.

Above all, I hope that it provides you, the viewer, with a new and useful way to find fun things to watch!


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