Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Na.

The first thing that came to mind when I started watching this show is that it is basically what would happen if you followed a character from a Dungeons and Dragons between adventures. In the city of Orario, there is a dangerous dungeon where adventurers go to prove their steel and earn some coin. A young adventurer named Bell Crane is a lower level fighter working his way up the ranks.

As an experienced Dungeons and Dragons player for a long time now and I couldn’t help but see the similarities here. It’s a pen-and-paper rpg brought to life. The characters actually use words like ‘leveling up’ or ‘raising stats.’ I’m just waiting for someone to start rolling dice. I’ve actually never seen a show that translates the fun and humor of RPGs as originally as this one does.

Every adventurer that battles in the city dungeon is bound to a deity that provides them counsel and strength. Bell Crane is bound to a deity named Hestia. He is her only follower which makes the two very close. Bell is so desperate to level up and gain prominence among the town heroes that he ventures into depths of the dungeon that he is unprepared for. The young adventurer is rescued by a lovely swordfighter and he immediately falls in love with her.

This is the inciting incident that inspires Bell to push himself harder than ever before. It creates a classic love triangle, only this time it is between a goddess, a swordfighter, and a noob adventurer. (Tale as old as time, right?) This one covers a wide range of anime styles of storytelling. It is a strong mix of humor, fantasy action, and romance. If you are a D&D fan or just a fan of fun anime then I’d suggest you roll the dice and try out this one.

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