Japan Has The Best Game Show Ever: Slippery Stairs

japanese game show
(Source: Just Wow Me / YouTube)

Stop everything you’re doing. Upon editing this blog post, we lured in 3 different bystanders with this video. Cruel, frustrating and hilariously slimy, Japanese game show “Slippery Stairs” is about to fill the next 9 minutes of your life with pure joy.

Take a look below.

Can we talk about the absolute SABOTAGE that takes place at 5:58?!

I don’t know what the prize is for winning this game and it really doesn’t matter. Whatever’s in that treasure chest definitely isn’t worth the shame you have to endure to crack it open. I believe the stairs are coated in some sort of lubricant or crisco oil… but yes, everything is impossibly slippery thanks to 1-2″ in clear, relentless goo.

Sometimes throwing everything against the wall turns into a hit like this. You know what you’re getting when you suit up for Slippery Stairs.

Japan Is Making Mario Kart Safer… For Real!


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