Japanese Game Night: Tsuro

Our quest to expand Japanese gaming to the table top continues. Does a night of battling dragons sound interesting to you? – Yes.

How about if you get to be one of those dragons? – Hell yes.

In Tsuro, you and your friends are all dragons fighting over territory in the skies. You choose your own path by laying tiles down and your goal is to be the last dragon left flying. Everyone can play it safe and avoid the other players or they can head straight for them trying to force all the dragons off the board. I hope that your friends don’t hold grudges because anyone can ruin your game path (with the wrong friend, this game can turn into a flip-the-board-and-storm-out scenario).

The tagline of Tsuro is ‘the game of the path’ and the higher premise of
the game is learning to walk your own path, achieve enlightenment while not being knocked off course by the other people/dragons traveling on their own path. The game itself looks like a piece of antique Asian art with colorful dragon stones. It honestly just looks great as a piece of artwork to have on your gaming shelf. This is also a perfect game if you’re living on a budget and are busy with your latest anime binge… since a single round takes less time than an episode of Chaos Dragon and there are only a handful of rules to remember. So, if the idea of pretending to be a dragon is intriguing to you (I’m willing to bet it does) then I recommend trying out Tsuro the next time you want a little taste of Asian culture in your IRL game night.

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