Japanese Idol Group Bans All Gifts From Fans

Batten Showjo-tai idol group
(Source: Batten Showjo-tai/Victor Entertainment)

Fans are going to have to find another way to tell the six members of Batten Showjo-tai that they’re cheering for them, because the group’s manager has announced that as of this month, any and all presents from fans will be rejected.

Fans show their devotion to their favorite songstresses in a number of ways… Some buy multiple copies of each and every physical media release from the group… Others grab their glow sticks to perform intense wotagei dance routines from the crowd at their live performances.

And yes, there are super-fans who send presents directly to their favorite idol group, perhaps to a specific member.

The group’s manager Satoshi Kojin recently took to their blog:

From March 1, we are installing a new policy of uniformly rejecting all presents given by fans to members of Batten Showjo-tai. Until now we have rejected gifts of food, drinks, gift certificates, and expensive items, but from now on all gifts will be rejected.

Kojin goes on to explain that despite repeated requests for fans not to send gifts of the specific classes mentioned, there’s been no noticeable decrease in such activity, especially for gift certificates and expensive items. Of course, disposing of the restricted presents (plus storing them in the interim) has become such a major time drain, but that’s not why they’re doing it. Management is actually concerned that the effects such pricey presents can have on the mental development of Batten Showjo-tai’s members, who range in age from 14 to 18 years old.

We are also concerned that if idols, who are girls in their teens, receive expensive gifts from fans, there is the possibility that it will warp their mental and societal values, so we are taking this opportunity to restrict any and all presents from fans.

Kojin went on to say that fans will still be able to send fan letters to the group, but he’s markedly mum on a few other issues regarding the practice of fans giving gifts to idols (like the fact that a large number of gifts are disturbingly inappropriate, as in the case of the idol who’s received semen-stained teddy bears on multiple occasions, or the male dance troupe that was given a plushie with a hidden GPS device so that the giver could deduce the location of their home or practice space….)

For more details, head to our friends at SoraNews24.

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Japanese Idol Group Bans All Gifts From Fans

Fans are going to have to find another way to tell the...
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