Japan’s 112 Flavors of Kit Kat

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Kit Kat candy bars are awesome. They’re crunchy, gooey, chocolatey, deliciousness! Who doesn’t love a Kit Kat?

Yet as much as I love Kit Kat, there are those who love them A LOT more than me.

Japan first got the candy back in the early 1970’s, when Kit Kat’s original maker, Rowntree from the UK, started importing them. Something about the delicious treat struck a chord with the Japanese and the candy became very popular.

They’ve been experimenting with different flavors for the Japanese market over the last 40 years, leading to some interesting concoctions… Here are some of Japan’s strangest Kit Kat flavors, arranged by level of weirdness.

Mostly normal flavors:

  1. Chocolate
  2. Chocolatier Noir
  3. Almond
  4. Caramel
  5. Cafe Latte
  6. Caramel Macchiato
  7. Cookie & Cream
  8. Cookie & Milk
  9. Cookie Plus
  10. Melt-In-The-Mouth Cacao
  11. Melting Luxury
  12. Milk Coffee
  13. Nuts Of Summer
  14. Salted
  15. Semi-Sweet
  16. Vanilla Ice-Cream
  17. White Chocolate

Kinda odd, but still good flavors:

  1. Chocolate & Rose
  2. Chocolate & Uji Maccha Green Tea
  3. Amaou Strawberry
  4. Apple
  5. Apple In Season
  6. Banana
  7. Bitter Almond
  8. Bitter Strawberry
  9. Blueberry Cheese Cake
  10. Caramel Pudding
  11. Cherry Blossom Maccha Green Tea
  12. Citron
  13. Citrus Gold Blend
  14. Custard Pudding
  15. Dessert Assortment
  16. Devil Pumpkin Pudding
  17. Japanese Strawberry
  18. Jasmine Tea
  19. Double Berry
  20. Full Of Fruit
  21. Framboise
  22. France Brittany Milk
  23. Fruit Parfait
  24. Gianduja
  25. Half Bitter
  26. Hoji Cha
  27. Itohkyuemon Uji Maccha Green Tea
  28. Kobe Pudding
  29. Lemon Cheese Cake
  30. Little Spice
  31. Lucky Little
  32. Maccha Green Tea Assortment
  33. Maccha Green Tea Tiramisu
  34. Maple
  35. Orange Passion Fruit
  36. Petit
  37. Pudding
  38. Pumpkin Cheese Cake
  39. Pumpkin Pudding
  40. Sparkling Strawberry
  41. Strawberry
  42. Strawberry Cake Confiture
  43. Strawberry Cheese Cake
  44. Strawberry Hazel Nut
  45. Raspberry & Passion Fruit
  46. Royal Milk Tea
  47. Rum Raisin
  48. Salt Puff
  49. Soy Milk Chocolate
  50. Strawberry Milk
  51. Strawberry Of Winter
  52. Strawberry With Grains
  53. Sweetness Orange Peel
  54. Sweetness Strawberry
  55. Tamaruya Honten Wasabi
  56. Tiramisu
  57. Tasty Strawberry
  58. Tea With Scent
  59. Tochi Otome
  60. Uji Maccha Green Tea
  61. White Hokkaido Milk
  62. White Maple Syrup
  63. White Peach & Yellow Peach
  64. Yoghurt

Flavors only the Japanese would think of:

  1. Adzuki (red bean)
  2. Adzuki Bean Sandwich
  3. Chocolate & Baked Sweet Potatoes
  4. Aloe Yogurt
  5. Candied Sweet Potato
  6. Clear Flavor
  7. Convey Your Feeling
  8. Cookie Plus Whole Wheat Flour
  9. Ginger Ale
  10. Gold
  11. Kiwi
  12. Kinako Ohagi
  13. Kohaku Pack
  14. Lemon Vinegar
  15. Grape
  16. Mix Juice
  17. Mont Blanc
  18. Muscat Of Alexandria
  19. Muscovado
  20. Oshiruko
  21. Purple Yam
  22. Sake
  23. Seigoin Yatsuhashi
  24. Shinshu Apple
  25. Soda Pop
  26. Sour Orange
  27. Soy Sauce
  28. Water Melon
  29. When You Wish Upon A Star Triple Berry
  30. World Variety
  31. Yawataya Isogoro

This isn’t an exhaustive list and I’m sure I missed some flavors – There are more!

But flavors come and go, both seasonally and indefinitely, so if you’re craving Soy Sauce or Watermelon flavors, check before you book your flight.

But, hey, if you want to try a bunch of them, why not just plan a trip to one of the Kit Kat Chocolatories? Japan has several, so you’re never too far away!

Some of these actually sound really good, but others not so much. Which would you try or not try?



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