Jaymes & Kelsey: Branded Channel Favs

kelsey making sushi

We’ve never been more proud of our branded channel family; period.

Our crew of YouTubing all-stars slays harder than most people we know. I know we’ve all got our favs… Please allow me to proudly showcase MINE:

Jaymes Hanson
The homie loves BLEACH. Like, really loves Bleach. As someone who hasn’t even watched the simulcast from start to finish, I’ve even grown an enthusiasm for Bleach thanks to him. He’s got incredibly unique news insights, a kickass sense of humor and more passion than your Grandma has for Sunday Dinner. 

Click here to watch his Anime News Roundup.

Kelsey Ellison

Few have as contagious of a passion for Japanese culture, period. Her most recent Japanese Snack review had me actually LOLing. She recently made sushi… Offers travel tips to Japan… Basically every thing you could ever ask for if you don’t have an actual trip booked in your near future. Kelsey – heart you.kelsey eating snacks

Click here to watch her latest Today’s Japan! with Kelsey.


Keep me cool: Who are your favorite YouTubers?! Comment below.

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