Jump Force: The Next “Super Smash Bros” For Manga Fandom?

Jump Force: The Next "Super Smash Bros" For Manga Fandom?
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The popular Shonen Jump manga magazine turns 50 this year and they’re celebrating with a fight.

…Fight game, that is. Introducing Jump Force, the video game that may very well be every fandom’s dream come true. Shonen Jump’s compiled their favorite manga characters for battle; players can put together a squad of three characters in a tag team style match to take on their enemies.

The game’s not scheduled for release until next year, and developers have been fairly secretive over details… But we’ve managed to uncover a few nuggets of knowledge:

Here are the characters confirmed for play:

  • Naruto Uzumaki (Naruto)
  • Goku, Frieza (Dragon Ball Z)
  • Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece)
  • Sasuke (Naruto)
  • Zoro (One Piece)

One of the game’s trailers features a glimpse of Light Yamagi and Ryuk from Death Note, but the developers recently declared that they won’t be playable characters; instead, they’ll play into the overarching storyline.

And we also know that somehow the world of Shonen Jump will be colliding with the real world:

We get a 3D peek at Saiyan ships in a frozen tundra and Naruto’s God Tree in Times Square. When you smack someone with a Super Saiyan punch, they are actually thrown into the pavement or through a building wall, which is ultra satisfying, when you compare it to regular 2D play.

It looks and feels damn cinematic:

It’s been said that the gameplay is very beginner friendly and even the combat combos are designed to be simple to execute.

From the look of the game footage, you can tell that each and every character was designed with intention. Everyone has their own specials and style.

We can’t wait to test the differences between fighting as Goku & throwing down as Naruto… 🙌






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