Kausus Hits Up A Cosplay Gathering

Lucia from Fruitless Cosplay

We all love anime conventions and we definitely love cosplay. So why not attend a local cosplay gathering? That was the plan when I went out to my local botanical garden to meet up with Springfield Cosplay over the weekend. Springfield Cosplay

The idea of the meet was to promote cosplay, attract new members and to give photographers and cosplayers the chance to greet and shoot. Best part, I got to get in the dirt with them and take some photos. The cosplays were varied and beautiful with my personal favorites coming in the form of Voltron, Love Live, DC Comic Characters & Persona 5. It’s great to see individuals who are so passionate about what they do and they couldn’t care less about how they looked in the eyes of non-anime lovers. They felt comfortable and the photographers did a phenomenal job of bringing out some of the amazing work that these cosplayers showcased.

Springfield Cosplay

That was the name of the game, bringing together local professionals and the inexperienced: all while trying to promote the idea that anyone can cosplay, you just need to have the right motivation. The day had the perfect mix of weather, fun and friendliness that one would expect from a group meet; I even got to spend some time with a local acquaintance. Nothing makes me feel more motivated to continue doing what I love, than to see it in practice. Springfield Cosplay

Now was it the perfect event? Maybe not; there was a vague impression of let’s just wing it and see how it works. Granted Springfield Cosplay has only been around for a year and a half, and is still working hard to find its footing. …Just goes to show, it doesn’t take professional event organizers and a massive con to create a fun community gathering. 

So get out there, go to these events and promote your local cosplay organizations.



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