Keep It Legal, Dammit.

My Bad

The Asian market is cracking down on illegal distribution.

(We obviously mean anime & manga…)

As of recent, 3 men who shall not be named were arrested in China for violating copyright law and illegally distributing manga without copyright owner permission.

We could go on about the details, but the takeaway is simple. QUIT MISBEHAVING, YOU SCANDAL.

2 of the 3 men received jail time, might we add.


If there’s anything we can stress here, it’s that the world of anime and manga is not to be messed with. Play legal, not dirty. Even if it means waiting. EVEN IF IT MEANS TAKING A VACATION TO ASIA… At least it’s a great reason for a vaca, right?


Get the full details on the scandal with our friends at Anime News Network.

And in the meantime… Watch totally legal anime with us, right here, right now.

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