Keep The Beat With Prince Of Tennis App!

Keep The Beat With Prince of Tennis App!

When you think of The Prince of Tennis, what do you think of first? Music…?

The sports anime has a huge fan base for its music, including (of course), the TeniPuri musicals. So of course when it came time to make an app, music would be at its core. Thus, we have The New Prince of Tennis: RisingBeat, a new rhythm game from Bushiroad!

Seigaku Super Stars


The adorable game combines tennis action with rhythm game mechanics. Play against chibi versions of your favorite characters, and keep the beat to your favorite Prince of Tennis songs.

The app will launch with 30 tracks available, including a variety of character songs and unit performances. And like all good gacha apps, you can collect your faves and learn their coolest moves!

Make Yourself at Home

Keep The Beat With Prince of Tennis App!
(Source: Bushiroad)

The game offers a personal space where your players can spend their off hours. Decorate it to your specifications and watch them train and hang out between songs — er, matches.

Like many mobile games, RisingBeat had a launch event encouraging people to register early. The event was so successful that new players get two gifts just for logging in! Everyone gets 3,000 Beat Stones, the game’s currency, to start. In addition, they get this adorable golden statue of Prince of Tennis manga creator Takeshi Konomi to display in their space.

We only wish they sold those in real life!

Keep The Beat With Prince of Tennis App!

If you play, though, be sure to get Konomi-chan out ASAP. The statue will no longer be available after May.

At present, no plans have been announced to release The New Prince of Tennis: RisingBeat outside Japan. But considering the popularity of Bushiroad’s other titles and the worldwide TeniPuri fandom, it’s not an impossibility! With Love Live! still going strong and Captain Tsubasa making its way around the world, there may be hope yet.

You can learn more about The New Prince of Tennis: RisingBeat on its official website.

Would you be game for a Prince of Tennis music match? Let us know in the comments below!

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