Kickstart Your Video Game In 7 Steps

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Not long ago I wrote a post on how to transform your game idea into an actual game using game development engines that require no programming, plus one about learning the ins and outs of game design by watching Extra Credits (available right here on Viewster). Maybe you’re ready to go, but maybe you’re worried about finding the time and money to actually make the damn thing.

Got you covered, buddy. The answer is a Kickstarter.  Many indie developers use the crowdsourcing platform to find the money they need to get from start to finish.

Here are 7 steps you’ll want to follow to stand out from the crowd… and most importantly, reach your funding goals.

1. Figure out who your audience is

There’s an old saying in marketing – try to market to everyone and you’ll end up marketing to no one.

What kind of game are you making? 8-bit platformer? Racing? Fighting? Different players like different games, so get specific about whose money your asking for.

2. Create a sample video that explains your game

It’s gotta be a nice video, yes, but it’s also gotta explain what the hell people will be dishing money out for. Is it like Pokemon in outer space? Like Super Mario, but with a mechanic on acid? Explain it! Sell it!

3. Use concept art to make the page look great

Artowork makes your campaign more attractive and also shows that you’re taking it seriously. No one gives money to half-assed campaigns, so take the time to make nice art (or invest in an artist beforehand).

4. Set realistic funding goals

Ask for too much, you’ll get nothing. Ask for too little, your bank may run dry mid-project. Crunch some numbers to find a good goal somewhere in the middle. Still lost? Maybe it’s time to find a business partner.

5. Add appealing yet reasonable rewards

Funders love getting something for their money, so give ’em something cool. But don’t give away too much or you’ll cut into your own cash roll. Remember, free things work too – like including their names in the game’s credits or making top funders in-game characters.

6. Market your Kickstarter campaign EVERYWHERE

Kickstarter will send some traffic to your campaign, but you’ll need a helluva lot more wallets. Share it on social media. Tell the magazines. Email influences. Shout it from the mountaintops!

7. Keep the communication going!

Funders love seeing open communication during your campaign. Stay chatty and keep people up to date on what’s happening. It could convince others to pitch in, too.

Wrapping up

Successful Kickstarters say running a successful campaign is nearly a full-time job. There’s a lot of competition for those donation dollars, so you’ve got to rise above. You’ll need to impress.

Seems like the best route is:

  1. Build a prototype
  2. Hire an artist for game art
  3. Hire a videographer for demo vid
  4. Lock down funding goals and rewards
  5. Launch!

Anyone ever run a successful video game kickstarter? What other advice can you share in the comments?



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