Kotori Spotted Selling Chicken in Indonesia

Kotori Spotted Selling Chicken in Indonesia
Source: Otakomu.jp

Apparently life after Love Live! hasn’t been good to Kotori. A fan in Indonesia spotted the school idol — and she’s shilling for fried chicken.


Kotori Spotted Selling Chicken in Indonesia
Source: Otakomu.jp

Multifaceted company Go-Jek isn’t just one thing anymore. Originally a ride-hailing service, they now integrate ride shares, groceries, and courier services. Last year, they added food delivery service Go-Food to their family. And just to keep it all in one play, they run it all on the Go-Pay app.

A sweet deal, right? Apparently so… their “Delicious Fried Chicken” sign features a familiar spokes-idol!

Granted, a couple changes were made — mainly giving her glasses and putting a flower in her hair. But if you know your Love Live!, you’ll recognize second-year student Kotori anywhere. And to their credit, putting “Kotori” on a sign for fried chicken is a pretty decent pun.

But with that distinctive smile and hairdo, how much trouble can Go-Jek expect to get in if the license holders find out?

“Giving Up”

Well… apparently that’s not really an issue.

Last year, some Indonesian Redditors on r/LoveLive decided to find out why they weren’t getting new Aqours content. They wrote to ODEX, the Love Live! license holders for the area, and received a very clear answer back: the Indonesian license holder has “given up” on Love Live! in Indonesia.

Granted, this is specifically in reference to “live viewings.” But it seems fairly up-front: there’s really no one in Indonesia to stop Go-Jek from making Kotori their fried chicken mascot.

The fan who discovered the sign didn’t indicate whether this was nationwide or just one spot. For all we know, it could just be one Love Live! fan cooking chicken and flying under the radar. Lantis is extremely protective of the Love Live! franchise elsewhere in the world, but it seems that here, (just about) anything goes.

Not that if you’re in Indonesia, we’re not encouraging you to try using school idols as corporate mascots. But maybe let us know how that chicken is.

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