Language Barrier: Dub or Sub?

Anime fans understand the struggle better than anyone else: OH language barriers (assuming you don’t speak Japanese!). When it comes to watching your favorite simulcast, do you prefer to read the subtitles or have it dubbed by voice actors in your native tongue? As stereotypes go, kids these days can’t leave their phones alone long enough to pay undistracted attention to anything… So who has time to read while binging the latest show?

I personally don’t mind the reading, yet if the voice acting is top notch and professional then I can get into the dubbing as well. I do wonder what gets lost in the translation though. Most of us have probably seen some of the rough moments in the dubbed versions of DragonBall Z. There are not always direct translations for all parts of different languages. I’m sure that the same jokes or sense of humor don’t always survive the journey from one audience to another. Also, often shows are only translated into English, which leaves out the non-English speaking world.

There are even fans that, I’m sure, really prefer the subtitles over the dubbing even when it is well done. I have to imagine, for those that prefer the original language; that it has something to do with the musicality of the Japanese language. I don’t know if it is the most beautiful language but it is certainly more melodic than English. The sound of anime, with its music and language, is one of the things that really define the genre for me. Honestly, I guess the best case scenario is for all of us to just go ahead and learn Japanese, right?

What do you think? Which do you prefer? Comment below!


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