The Latest “Must-Have” Nintendo Switch Games

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Let’s get right to business, shall we? These are the Nintendo Switch games to try this summer.

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Splatoon 2. This game has been an enormous highlight for Switch users around the globe; its latest release has stirred on more feverish sales of the unit. Splatoon 2 is a player versus player game with a unique way of utilizing color guns, paint and underwater combat to stir up some fun. It’s been met with wide success and reception from both fans and critics alike. It’s no wonder so many of us at the office have been absent recently… please send help.

For 5 tips & tricks, head here. 

(Source: Nintendo of America / ARMS)

ARMS. This one had a massive lead in hype, but sadly sort of dove off of the cliff. Regardless, it’s an amusing fighting game, plus makes wonderful use of the Switch’s Joy-Con controllers. While I’m not the biggest advocate in favor of fighting games, this one has a special charm to it (probably due to the amazing roster of characters that it has). You should be able to easily find a character that suits your fighting style.

(Source: NIS America’s YouTube Channel / Disgaea V Complete)

Disgaea V Complete. It’s a super tactics series that has you in control of a host of characters. These characters are customizable with gear, names and classes. Your goal is to control the map through given objectives with the use of only a handful of squamates. The fifth entry is as dazzling as the others when it comes to it’s combat. It oozes anime-style graphics and cutscenes and was my go to game on Sony’s Playstation 4. It now holds a lovingly awesome place in my home for the Nintendo Switch.





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