Let’s Get Musical This Summer!

As Summer has hit much of the world, we being to take a look at what activities we can do. We could go out on adventures catching Pokemon or we could seek the comfort of an air conditioned building; we may even seek to go to a concert or two. Why not enjoy that concert within the comfort of your own home? That is why today, we are going to be talking about two of my favorite musical anime and why you should give them a chance! First we are going to take a look at my personal favorite, K-On!

k-on 15

K-On follows the story of several young girls, (Yui Hirasawa, Mio Akiyama, Ritsu Tainaka, Tsumugi Kotobuki & Azusa Nakano) who wish to revive their school’s former, light music club. Doing so is a massive undertaking and it puts all the girls into stressing situations, which ranged from songwriting to combating illness. The story of the anime is fairly straightforward as the girls seek to better themselves as individuals and as a band; while also trying to keep the light music club alive. The shining part, aside from the stupendous animation, is the music. It’s light, it’s full of heart and it’s full of merit. Each song holds a meaning for whoever wrote it or whoever is playing it. It’s through these songs that the girls seem to overcome some sort of obstacle or they simply surpass a milestone that was imaginatively set for them. As an audience member, we the viewers are able to enjoy a fun and heartfelt trip through the girl’s school year and various concerts they perform. We fall in love with their endearing and silly personalities which in result wow us with their musical numbers. While the cuteness is definitely an obstacle for many viewers to overcome, the anime does have a solid cast of voice actresses, silly moments and strong musical numbers that you cannot help but enjoy. Yes, the selling point is the cute moments that this anime prides itself with but the music is something else entirely. The music can also be found on the US iTunes Store for those interested in purchasing them! K-On! is currently available in North America.

Love Live

Love Live School Idol Project (Love Live from here on out) is another great pick for having fun and listening to some fun, heartfelt melodies. In the same vein as K-On!, Love Live follows the path of several girls as they attempt to bring their school from the brink of being closed, due to lack of enrollment, by forming a school idol group. The cast of characters (Kōsaka Honoka, Ayase Eri, Minami Kotori, Sonoda Umi, Hoshizora Rin, Nishikino Maki, Tōjō Nozomi, Koizumi Hanayo & Yazawa Nico) is vast and many fan groups have formed around the individual girls or the units that they often are tied to. The anime has gone on to inspire games and music outside of its original run and has even brought a movie to theaters worldwide. The anime is just as long as K-On! is but with a lot more characters to juggle and focus on. You may feel overwhelmed by the amount of characters to follow, but trust me it gets easier. The story and theme of the anime is just as cute and endearing with a lot more serious tones being thrown out into the wild. The anime still maintains a personal development theme as well as the theme of always giving it your all, no matter the odds that stand opposed towards you.. Much like K-On! the songs from the anime Love Live can be found on the US iTunes Store for those who are keen to purchase these songs! Love Live is available for streaming in the following countries (BENELUX, BALTICS, GAS(excl. LI), BG, HR, RO, SI, CY, FR, GR, IT, MT, PT, ES, CZ, HU, PL, SK).

While both are equally musical they fall into different camps of fandoms. Some prefer K-On! to Love Live, while others like the larger character focus that Love Live offers over K-On! While I cannot say you will enjoy either, I do encourage you all to give them a chance; especially if you want to liven up that summertime bout of boredom with a bit of fun music and great anime!

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