Let’s Go Watch Sergeant Keroro!

When the sky blackens and other worldly beings descend down to our world, what can we do to stop this unstoppable wave of destruction? Well nothing really. Just bribe them with food, Gundam’s and other Earthly possessions and the worst they will do to you is get you caught up in their failed experiments! Sergeant Keroro (Other wise known as Sgt. Frog) is an anime that is the cream of the comedy crop. A bit of an older title, but this anime still hits all the right humor notes. The anime follows the devious and dastardly exploits of a Sergeant Keroro and his merry band of misfits on their endeavour to make the citizens of planet Earth tremble in fear of their almighty power. That is until they find themselves up against the Hinata Family (Natsumi Hinata & Fuyuki Hinata) and are forcefully put to work cleaning the house and being fed delicious food! The nerve!


What the anime does very well is humor and while a portion of it is rather dated it still holds up well; considering it’s 2004-2011 run! The story followed a episode by episode basis and was not at all confusing to follow; minus a few episodes here and there. The general guideline that every episode followed was the thought that no matter what happens, it has to tie into world domination by the Sergeant and his men! Granted most of these plots failed in spectacular fashion, but they still added a sense of fun and difference with each passing episode. The cast of voices for both the Japanese sub and the English dub is phenomenal! Being rather young at the time of airing my memory of the English dub is iffy at best, but the Japanese sub is just as great and happens to be the one that we have here on Viewster!

The voice work does improve significantly over the course of the anime and it is a pretty big night and day difference if you look from the first episode to the last aired episode of Sergeant Keroro. Now this anime loved to take a few jabs at the more popular anime of the time period in which this was airing. It had screen run time against series like Gundam, Naruto, Dragonball Z and etc… so you can expect to find more than a few jabs at these popular anime. Nothing is better than finding a fun anime to watch and enjoy listening to. It is even better to find an anime that has over 300+ episodes to binge on! I’ve found myself binge watching this title the most due to how enjoyable the actual anime is. 


Have you gotten a chance to see this phenomenal anime? If not consider doing so as it is full of humor, action and it tells the story of a struggle of the tiny against the tall! Let’s do our part in helping the Sergeant and his men conquer this silly planet! Never will you look at frogs the same again! Sergeant Keroro can be enjoyed in SCANDI, GAS(excl. LI), IS!

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