Let’s Talk About Sex—Part 1

Even Salt-N-Pepa mused aloud before launching into their 1991 straight-talking smash hit: “Yo, I don’t think we should talk about this.  People might misunderstand what we’re trying to say.”  For one reason or another, whether it’s the fear of being misunderstood or just plain prudishness, people have always been squeamish when it comes to talking about “it.”  You know—shagging, schtupping … um … making sweet, sweet monkey love … ?  You mean that’s not what you called it growing up?  When it comes to sex, most of us probably have a little bit of our own secret language.  And if you don’t, well, here’s a handy side note: pretty much any possible variation on verbing the adjective noun seems to work well in a pinch for an impromptu sex euphemism.  Or you can go more obscure and peruse the quaint, antiquated colloquialisms for naughty-time here.

It all starts with that most painfully awkward of parental interactions known as “the talk,” and well, it only gets relatively less awkward from there.  Salt-N-Pepa had to nudge us out of our puritanical ways back then, but these days we’re slightly significantly more open about getting it on.  And honestly, why talk about it when you can sit back and watch. Now don’t get the wrong idea, we’re not talking Porb (sic, just Google it) here.  Honestly, get your minds out of the gutter people—we’re talking about educational and informative documentary content, parts of which may fall somewhere between probably-moderately-titillating and kinda-pretty-arousing.

If you have any outstanding questions about the how-and-why of you-know-what, or if you’re looking to, er, bone up on current sexual affairs, Viewster is here for you with a new batch of eye-opening films and series.

So turn the lights down low, put on some Barry White, pour yourself a glass of Courvoisier, and enjoy.


Future Sex

No, Justin Timberlake is not in this.  Sorry, ladies.  And no, this is not a documentary about robot sex.  Sorry … umm … Erotic Transformers Fan Fiction fans.  So what is Future Sex, you may ask?  Well, if you’ve ever had that feeling that there’s more to modern sex than meets the eye, you’re right, and this series will take you to the edge of the map.  Get ready.

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 16.25.06

Available in: AT, AU, BE, CA, CH, DE, DK, FR, LU, NL, NO, NZ, SE, SP, US



Love for Sale: Tales from Two Brothels

 And you thought prostitution was illegal in the US …  That would be news, however, to Dennis Hof, the self-proclaimed “Colonel Sanders of Pimps.”  That’s right, the dude wants to sell you sex like it’s a hot bucket of fried chicken.  This doc takes you inside his two establishments—Madam Kitty’s Cathouse and the Moonlight Bunny Ranch—focusing on the (extra)ordinary women who work there, and giving you a candid look at the modern-day reality of the world’s oldest profession.

Love for Sale - Tales from Two Brothels - Love-for-Sale2

Available in: AT, AU, BE, CA, CH, DE, DK, FR, IE, LU, NL, NO, NZ, SE, SP, UK, US



 The Pleasure Zone

 No Reservations meets no inhibitions.  The Pleasure Zone takes you globetrotting with amorous couples as they seek to supercharge their sex lives.  It’s a spicy, intoxicating cocktail of culture, history, and, yes, hotter-than-hell sex as their personal desires intertwine with the traditions specific to each location.  Extravagant rituals, aphrodisiacal delicacies, and mysterious carnal indulgences await the couples in each new locale.


Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 16.26.12

Available in: AT, AU, BE, CH, DE, FR, IE, LU, NL, NZ, SP, UK, US



After Porn Ends

 Adjusting to life after leaving a successful career behind you can be tough.  It can be a lot tougher when your career was pornography.  This doc gets up close and personal with some of some of the biggest names in adult entertainment, tracing their pre and post x-rated lives. As young artists, athletes, even Ivy-leaguers, they didn’t see themselves in porn.  But now after the world has, can they lead lives that we’d consider normal, or even re-invent themselves?  Get ready to be surprised.


Available in: AU, CA, UK, US

For a preview of all titles listed above, check out this trailer.



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