Library War: The Battle Over Censorship

I knew next to nothing about the anime Library War when I pressed Play this weekend. The thumbnail looked interesting and the series summary is definitely original. Here’s the lowdown:

The idea behind Library War envisions a future where the Japanese government passes the Media Betterment Act. This law allows agents of the Media Betterment Committee to censor all forms of media that could possibly be harmful to the society as a whole. They use the excuse of trying to protect children from ‘dangerous ideas,’ but really this is just censorship of the personal freedom of expression. The show focuses on the destruction or protection of books, but really the hand of this Media Betterment Committee is far-reaching. They want to control the masses and an effective way of doing that is controlling the things they read and watch. The freedom of ideas can be dangerous when you are trying to force a society to submit to your will. 

Library War is not a preachy story, but it does address the idea of individual liberties and what people are willing to do to protect an idea.

There’s a lot going on in this series besides just someone trying to protect books. All of the books they protect aren’t necessarily life-changing pieces of literature, but that isn’t the point. The point is protecting the access to all sorts of ideas and opinions that they might never see otherwise. The Library Defense Force is really there to protect the freedoms of expression that keep a society from falling under the thumb dictatorship.

Sounds like a present-day subject, doesn’t it?

If you want to manipulate a country, odds are you’re going to dominate their culture, their expression of ideas. This show itself is the kind of thing that someone would want censored because of the rebellious message hidden beneath all the comedy and romance story points. For our political activists, you’re gonna want to stream it.

Check out Library War right now.



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