Life In Japan: Manga Cafés

For those of us who have never been to Japan… It’s easy to fantasize about how incredible the culture is. I mean, they print more manga pages there than they do toilet paper, which is in itself the greatest thing ever.

Japanese popup cafés are taking the country by storm, and for good reason. But taking a step backward from these ultra branded events, it all started with the Manga Café.

Manga Kissa are basically every manga-lovers’ heaven. They’re chalk full of libraries of manga (most of which featuring titles you’ll probably never see again, nor would you even be able to remember them all).

Image provided by Japan-Guide

They’re exclusive in the fact that they aren’t like Starbucks, featured on every single corner in the USA. Frankly, they usually aren’t even visible from the street – – – but upstairs in a multistory building.

A few fun facts:

•They charge by time (get ready to become an efficient reader). Obviously, prices are higher on the weekend, so you’ll want to quit that 9-5.

•You pay based on the kind of chair you want, since comfort is key.

• Often open for 24 hours, travelers sleep there instead of paying for a hotel. “Sleepu” is what you’re gonna want to ask for.

You’re welcome, folks. You’re welcome.

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