Are Live-Action Adaptations Even Worth It?

Okay let’s start this off by saying that I am not wholly against live-action adaptations; just really apprehensive. This is coming from someone who had to sit through the ill-fated adaption for Eragon… Still gives me nightmares.

The idea of an adaptation is great. They bring us more content for the series that we love and it helps drives much more interest in older content. Sure, the live action adaptation of Ghost In The Shell was fraught with issue, but it did bring in new fans and promoted the older movies and anime. Then comes along the announcement for Gintama and Fullmetal Alchemist. Yay?

The Gintama adaptation looks phenomenal and it may actually be pretty good, but is it worth it? The biggest complaint that I have seen has stemmed from the latest trailer is that there doesn’t seem to be any humor. The trailer says it’s a comedy, then doesn’t deliver.


Yes, there’s a loyal market for live action adaptations; yes, they can do pretty well in box offices.

But for the most loyal of fans, it’s hard to watch a series you enjoy get twisted, summarized, interpreted… potentially ruined. The most memorable moments from anime or manga typically can’t be emulated in real life performances.

For me, it just isn’t worth seeing a live action adaptation when I know that I’ll probably hate it. I don’t even bother.

It’s like going back and trying to play your old Nintendo 64 and then realizing that childhood charm just isn’t there anymore. Live action adaptations are cool to look at and do a great job of bringing in new faces, but they cannot replace my love for the original. I’m sure you all have an opinion on this as well so feel free to comment down below. I’d love to get some fresh perspective.

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